Media Informatics Systems

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MSc - Mesterképzés
The objectives of the subject include the introduction of the most important concepts, solutions and techniques of digital multimedia content management. Students will learn the principles and standard requirements for characterizing and categorizing multimedia files. By the end of the semester, students who have completed the course will be able to understand and perform the engineering tasks of media information systems, and to perform the related tasks, acquiring the necessary technologies and tools.

Detailed subject topics

  • Basic concepts. The process of managing media content.
  • Architecture and types of content management systems: DAM, DM, KM, Web CMS, ECM. A comprehensive model of systems. Tasks and subsystems. Main areas of multimedia (image, audio, video) file management.
  • Structure of Digital Media Management Systems (DMMS) / Multimedia Asset Management systems: collection, storage, display subsystem. Life cycle properties. Integration tools: metadata.
  • Metadata: Semantic metadata. multimedia metadata standards. Mpeg-7, Mpeg-21, EBU / SMPTE Metadata, Dublin Core, Material Exchange Format (MXF).
  • Web2.0: Social, image-sharing sites, video-sharing portals; Web3.0.
  • Online media advertising tasks, opportunities, techniques. Search engine optimization.
  • Multimedia databases. Linked and embedded content storage modes. Multimedia query. Metadata-based query. Representation of multimedia data. Manipulate multimedia data.
  • Information Retrieval (IR). Classification of IR systems. Abstraction of IR models. IR models: Boolean model, vector model, extended Boolean model, stochastic model.
  • Multimedia retrieval. Search modes, types.
  • Key Content Delivery Network (CDN) features, CDN solutions (Akamai Technologies), request management methods, DNS-based load balancing method.
  • Digital archiving: tasks, possibilities, techniques. Archiving strategies. On-line, near-line, off-line, off-site accessibility. Continuity levels. Record Management.
  • TV broadcasting over an IP network. Content Management Solutions and Techniques at IPTV. Application examples.
  • Compare over-the-top and IPTV. Video on demand. Hybrid TV.


  • Multimedia Metadata System Integration
  • Digital Media Management Systems Design
  • Retrieve information from content management systems
  • Multimedia Retrieval Practice
  • Web2.0
  • Content Distribution Networks
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