Ruba AlMahasneh nyilvános védése (IB.310)

2024. 01. 30. 11:15 - 14:00


Budapest University of Technology and Economics
kindly invites you and your colleagues
to the public defense of the Ph.D. dissertation of

  Ruba AlMahasneh


"Modelling Various Extensions of the Time Dependent Traveling Salesman Problem Under Uncertain Conditions"

which is going to be held on

Jan 30th, 2024, at 11:15,

 BME I. Building, Wing- B, Room 310.

Teams link

János Levendovszky, DSc, Professor
(Department of Networked Systems and Services, BME)

Professor  József K. Tar, Óbuda University, Bejczy Antal iRobottechnikai Központ

Professor  Szilveszter Kovács, University of Miskolc - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics

László T. Kóczy, DSc, Professor Emeritus
(Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics, BME)

 The thesis and the summary can be downloaded from:

Budapest, Jan, 2024

Pál Varga, PhD
Head of Department