About doctoral (PhD) training

1. Why do I apply for a PhD?

Students who have completed the MSc program, either at our home or at another university, have the opportunity to enroll and, after successful enrollment, join our department as a doctoral student to continue their studies for a PhD degree.

Why is this important? Because in today’s rapidly evolving world, continuous knowledge of the latest technologies is an essential condition for engineers to create effective engineering solutions for successful creative work. For those who not only want to follow the world in understanding modern technology, but also want to be involved in creating the technical solutions of the future, the highest level of training is required, which means obtaining a PhD degree worldwide.

For students who want to further their education after obtaining the MSc degree in the field of technical sciences and are also interested in scientific research, the doctoral program at BME offers an excellent opportunity. The doctoral training, which has been supported by the Department for many years, provides all the help to enable those interested to obtain a PhD degree within the framework of doctoral training in both the Doctoral School of Electrical Engineering and the Doctoral School of Informatics . Obtaining a PhD degree is important not only for obtaining the title, but also because on the path leading to it, students can master the methodology of how to face the latest and most exciting engineering challenges of the 21st century.

Why is it good, what are the benefits of getting a PhD? (Written by graduates here)

  • I stayed in college after graduating. It is essential for a university career.
  • Contrary to popular belief, a PhD degree is a prerequisite for many companies - at least if we are looking for a job in a well-paying, interesting field close to research and development. Examples: Google, Microsoft.
  • After my doctorate, I was in non-university positions where a scientific degree was not a requirement in theory. However, it meant a lot when it was recorded. In the case of these jobs, not only the degree can be used, but also the acquired research experience, attitude and professional English language skills.
  • It is essential for a lot of good foreign university / research institute (post-doc) applications. And for those who intend to stay at the university, it is also a necessity ...
  • There are also jobs outside the academic sphere, both in Hungary and abroad, where a PhD-proven research experience is a great advantage.
  • The problem approach, solution and documentation methodologies acquired during the PhD degree are all useful on a daily basis.
  • In my workplace, I get the more interesting, exciting tasks just because I have a PhD.

2. Why should I write my PhD at TMIT?

  • Because the approx. 8-10 incoming PhD students per year is an ideal number for the workshop
  • Because more than 100 publications are produced in the department every year
  • Because we have a decade-long tradition: the first PhD defense was in 1994 at TMIT
  • Because our department has had more than 60 successful PhD defenses since 2001

Why was it good to be a doctoral student at BME TMIT? (Written by graduates here)

  • I received all the necessary support for the research work. I was also able to take advantage of longer foreign guest research opportunities. Good scholarship opportunities.
  • The good thing was that the projects were well connected to the research, we were soon able to gain a lot of autonomy. And the bad isn't TMIT specific, maybe just that they haven't driven enough ...
  • At TMIT, it is possible to participate in project work that promotes the development of communication skills and provides research topics. As well as the income from these, it helps that the doctoral student does not have to take on other external work to make a living.
  • The atmosphere at TMIT was pleasant, there was a good atmosphere, I felt good there.
  • I had a close relationship with colleagues who worked at my later job. Then the same close relationship was maintained with university colleagues.
  • Although it hurt a lot, there were regular departmental level inquiries that let one know where to go, what to expect. The defenses then hurt less. The army parade at the end of the year was also good, where it was possible to relax and get acquainted with the work and theme of close colleagues.

We obtained a PhD degree from us

List of PhD students at our department .

3. What PhD topics can I apply for?

We write out fresh topics every year. Current PhD dissertations can be found here .