Vill MSc Wireless Systems and Applications major (from 2015)

Wireless communication is one of the most dynamically developing areas today. Today's main research interests are the integration of terrestrial and satellite mobile communication and broadcasting systems and the Internet. In addition to cellular mobile systems, cooperative and self-service networks (SON) are already, but will be, expanding the services available in addition to voice communication to include high-speed data communication not only for video / audio transmission, but also for mobile Internet and device communication (IoT). also to ensure. Implementing broadband communications requires the most efficient use of available spectrum through cognitive, cooperative, and software radio (SDR) solutions. A significant number of wireless solutions for wireless LANs have also become an essential part of mobile computing. However, the development, deployment, optimal design and operation of these increasingly complex fixed and mobile wireless systems require highly trained professionals. Application development for these networks also employs a significant number of electrical engineers and IT professionals, whose efficient work is unimaginable without knowledge of the physical layer of the system.

Specialization manager: Dr. János Bitó (HVT)

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