Multimedia and Content Management Group (MediaLab)

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Multimedia and Content Management Group (MediaLab)


The profile of the Laboratory is linked to the adaptive, intelligent processing of media services and media content, including the identification and meta-tagging of text, image and video elements. For the classification and clustering of unstructured multimedia content consisting of such elements, Data Science methods can be used, which are related to the topics of machine learning and vision, pattern recognition, signal processing, data mining, and predictive analytics. In the Laboratory we use all the methods - including the latest deep learning methods - that are suitable for solving the classification, clustering and regression analysis problems of different media types, even with large data sets. On the one hand, the acquired knowledge can be immediately used in industry, but with the theoretical knowledge acquired by the challenges, there is also an opportunity for scientific advancement (TDK, doctoral career). Labor’s industrial relationships consist of innovative small, medium and large companies.


Applications and industrial projects



  • Dr. Gábor Szűcs - Head of MediaLab
  • Dr. Gábor Magyar 
  • Zsombor Paróczi
  • Papp Dávid