Project Laboratory / BSc Thesis / MSc Diploma

During the Project Laboratory, BSc Thesis / MSc Diploma Design project courses a student deals with a topic of his / her choice on its own (in some cases possibly together with some of his / her fellow students) under the supervision of an assigned consultant.


There is a dedicated course for each of the subjects of the Project Laboratory, BSc/MSc Thesis, Diploma Design, for each specialization. Each course has its own data sheet, course coordinator, requirements, and even its own website. These can be found in the table at the bottom of this page including the Neptune code of the course as well as the link to the proper website. We paid attention to the fact that even if the coordinator of the courses are different, their requirements should be harmonized with each other.

Basically, you can choose from these topics if you is start a BSc Project Laboratory or an MSc Project Laboratory 1 course. In this case, it is recommended to choose a topic that can be continued to the BSc or MSC Thesis, respectively. However, if someone prefers it, there is a possibility to change the topic before a new semester, except for the MSc Diploma Thesis 1 - Diploma Thesis 2, which form an organic unit, hence it is not possible to change topics between them. If someone is looking for a new topic, they can also choose from the list below.

Current Project Laboratory, BSc and MSc Thesis topics can be found on this page.

Tips for Project Laboratory and BSc/MSc Thesis courses: this page contains very useful information, it is worth reading! 


Thesis work FAQ

TMIT diploma project FAQ  here you can find a guideline illustrating the expectations against a BSc Thesis /MSc Diploma

Neptune codes of the related courses

Please coose according your specialization!

BSc studies

MSc studies


The following templates should the supervisor use for the BSc Thesis / MSc Diploma task description: