Engineering Management Laboratory (EMLab)

Head of Laboratory: 

Successfulness of the technical professionals and managers requires - in addition to the deep technical knowledge – special understanding on the strategic management of the external challenges, the leadership of the people and organizations, the enterprises, the development and sales of the products and services, the technical and market regulation of the whole ecosystem, the international technological, business and regulatory trends. The Engineering Management discipline builds a bridge between the technical and managerial sciences.

The Engineering Management Laboratory (EMLab) is an educational and research unit of the Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics. EMLab systematically follows Engineering Management discipline at large and focuses on the digital ecosystem and the management of the information and communication technologies (ICT) in conformity with the profile of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics.

Subjects in English:

Engineering Management Methods - BMEVITMAK47

BSc Economics and Human Science Studies, Compulsory Elective Subject

Engineering Management - BMEVITMM112/en, MSc Economics and Human Science Studies

Compulsory in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering MSc Programmes,
Compulsory Elective Subject in Business Information Systems MSc Programme

In the Analytical Business Intelligence (ABI) Specialization of the Business Information Systems MSc programme:

Research areas:

  • Engineering management, entrepreneurial, corporate and sector strategies, managerial techniques;
  • Trend analysis, technological foresight, Future Internet research, digital convergence;
  • Information economics, business process management and its IT support;
  • Regulation of infocommunications, numbering, spectrum auctioning, Internet pricing;
  • Applications of decision theory, game theory, simulation and group-work methods.