Data Mining Laboratory (Dmlab)

Head of Laboratory: 
Data Mining Laboratory is a professional community of data science experts. We have been working at the university for more than ten years and our profession was called data mining in teh beginning. Our group of experts focus on data science, Artifical Intelligence, Big Data. We teach courses, do research and work on business projects. Our decade long experience include many domains of the Hungarian economy. We have worked in several projects at the telecom industry, financial sector, industry 4.0, commercial services, logistics, retail web services. The DMLAB approach is practice oriented. We always try to stay pragmatic and focus on the applicable solutions wether we work in a research frame or work with students at a data science course. Our students appreciate the practical approach and we collect best problems and best practices from business domains to help them understand data science theories from an everyday angle. Bridging the gap between science and business can also work the other way round. Working on business projects we intend to integrate the latest scientific achievements in solutions that will be implemented in different business domains.