Laboratory of Speech Acoustics (LSA)

Head of Laboratory: 

The speech research and development needs a special interdisciplinary way of thinking. The members of our laboratory are keen on the collection of the necessary knowledge of psychoacoustics, linguistics, physics, bio-physics, mathematics and informatics. We are in a good cooperation with specialists working in these fields. In our developments we follow the point of view of engineers. The main areas are: basic acoustics-phonetics research, data-base construction, isolated word recognition, continuous speech recognition, speech enhancement in noisy speech, and development of sound tools for handicapped, etc.

The research of speech requires a special interdisciplinary thinking. Researchers of the Laboratory of Speech Acoustics has expertise of psychoacoustics, linguistics, physics, math and informatics. Research topics: artificial intelligence solutions in healthcare, pathological and mental disorders in speech, forensic voice comparison, basic acoustic-phonetic research, database creation.

Project laboratory topics

  • Clinical depression in speech
  • Development of Automatic Pathological Speech Recognition and Classification System
  • FORENSICspeech: Forensic Voice analysis using Hungarian follow-up voice database
  • Detection of Parkinson's Disease Using Speech
  • Emotions in speech

Description of the lectures / laboratories that belong to the lab

Bio-inspired Signal Processing and Systems

Diagnostics of Speech and Hearing Disorders