High Speed Networks Laboratory (HSN Lab)

Head of Laboratory: 

The HSN Lab (High Speed Networks Laboratory) is hosted by the Dept. of Telecommunications and Media Informatics (TMIT) at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) with research groups also from the Dept. of Telecommunications, Dept. of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory, Dept. of Computer Science and Information Theory, and Institute of Mathematics at BME, Dept. of Stochastics.

HSN Lab has a long-term strategic cooperation with Ericsson Traffic Analysis and Network Performance Laboratory in Budapest, Hungary.

Today 18 research groups, involving 22 lead lecturers, around 60 PhD candidates and PhD students and over 100 undegraduate students work around the HSNLab. Beyond its sound scientific results HSN Lab plays an important role in the transfer of novel technologies and skilled people to the industry. Recently, HSN Lab has successfully participated in several European and National research programs. HSN Lab maintains fruitful relations with research institutes and universities.

The HSN Lab's main research areas are: intelligent communication algorithms and protocols for packet switched technologies, network design and routing with resilience, performance and teletraffic modeling of broadband multimedia networks, performance monitoring of packet systems, adaptive self managing networks and protocols, performance of QoS architectures and protocols, mobile communications, mobile (ad-hoc) networking research, protocol technology and testing, multimedia services and security.