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The Databases Laboratory has been operating at the BUTE Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics since 1996. The lab aims to provide the best and most diverse opportunities for those interested in

database technology and its wider environment, including more efficient learning, scientific research, and taking part in industrial projects. The members of the laboratory have achieved many outstanding results in recent years, so - among other things - our name is associated with the design and implementation of the first corporate data warehouse in Hungary (MATÁV / T-Com), the design and implementation of the first real-time data warehouse (MAVIR) - and in addition to a number of other research projects and industrial implementations

The lab typically undertakes the productive processing of a larger area of the database world, with an emphasis on industrial or academic areas of students' choice. Accordingly, the members of the laboratory are mainly MSc or PhD students, while their work is assisted and supported by the staff experienced in the industrial and academic world. In addition to the laboratory tasks, we also place emphasis on the general theoretical problems and the new results, which we try to cover with our constantly expanding range of subjects.


Automatic schedule optimization: Each fall, the department staff faces a complex challenge: Creating the schedule for hundreds of students, about 50 instructors and making this schedule agree with the available non-human resources of the faculty. Mathematical methods exist for formulating and solving such problems.


The task is the creation of a user-friendly full-stack tool that by using these mathematical methods as a back-end, provides a way for a course responsible instructor to easily input their scheduling problem and set various conditions based on which, schedule generation can be carried out by the machine.

Internationalization of a laboratory administration system: With the rise of the English programs provided by the faculty, many originally Hungarian education tools have to be made accessible for English-speaking students and staff. One of these is a laboratory administration system used for assigning laboratory exercise sheets to students, for receiving and storing their solutions and for facilitating the evaluation of these solutions. The tool's front-end is written in Ember.js. The task is to design and create the feature that makes this tool bilingual with the possibility of adding an arbitrary number of presentation languages to the user interface.

  • achievements


    1. 8 1st place on Student's Scientific Conference
    2. T2 1st prize on Hungary's Student's Scientific Conferenceea
    3. 1 Pro Scientia gold medal
    4. 1 Pollák-Virág award
    5. 1 ACM KDD Cup (the most prestigious data mining competition in the world) 1st prize.


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