Alapképzés (BProf)

Plant Information Technology Specialist - Data-Based Systems Specialization..


The aim of the specialization is to acquaint students with the characteristics of data-based systems, the typical tasks that arise, the typical technologies and platforms. The specialization places a strong emphasis on introducing and practicing the use of the latest graphical data analysis tools and programming languages, as well as learning the methods and workflows for solving data analysis task types. In this way, students can also gain insight into developing complex solutions that can be built from each component.


Data-based systems specialization subjects:


  • Data-Based Solutions - VITMBB02 (5 credits): A toolkit for data-focused Python that can be used to solve typical data-centric problems. Students can learn the necessary workflows, i.e., automatic data download, data integration, and transfer.
  • Data Analysis Software - VITMBB03 (5 credits): Basic data preparation and modeling tasks required to solve machine learning tasks. Students can learn the basics of data analysis through the use of a stream-based software.
  • Laboratory of Data-Based Systems - VITMBC01 (6 credits): Practicing and Deepening Related Materials by Performing Laboratory Measurements
  • Topic Laboratory - VITMBB04