5GEx - Our First Winning H2020 Project

The European Commision has granted approval for the project proposal "5G Exchange" (5GEx) related to the 5GPPP initiative. The competition was tough as only 17 out of 78 proposals were funded. The 5GEx consortium is lead by Ericsson and consists of 5 major telecom operators, major telecom manufacturers, several highly ranked universities (including BME) and SMEs. Assistant Professors Gergely Biczók and Csaba Simon of TMIT have been driving the proposal on BME's end. 5GEx has been granted a total EC funding of almost € 8M with BME receiving more than € 500K.

The main goal of 5GEx is to enable cross-domain orchestration of services over multiple administrations or over multi-domain single administrations. Objectives include:

  • designing an architecture and respective mechanisms for automated and fast provisioning of infrastructure services in a multi-domain/multi-operator 5G environment;
  • defining the novel 5GEx business layer to embed the technical solution into an operational  economic framework;
  • building a demonstrable prototype;
  • and contributing to standardization and relevant open source communities