Doctoral (PhD) training

Doctoral (PhD) dissertations

We write out fresh topics every year. The latest PhD dissertations can be found here.
You can find information about the subjects that can be taken during the PhD program on the Doctoral Curriculum Curriculum page.
Compulsory elective subjects

Among the compulsory elective subjects, we recommend the following three subjects to TMIT doctoral students:

TMIT students of the Doctoral School of Electrical Engineering, Telecommunication Technology Group:

·         Mathematical statistics, viszd302, SZIT
·         Signal processing, vihid072, HIT
·         Applied Optimization and Game Theory, vitmd097, TMIT

TMIT students of the Doctoral School of Informatics, Infocommunication Department:

·         Mathematical statistics, viszd302, SZIT
·         Mass Service 1, vittd069, TMIT
·         Telecommunication software, vittd074, TMIT

TMIT students of the Doctoral School of Computer Science, Intelligent Systems:

·         Intelligent Data Analysis, vimmd294, MIT
·         Software architectures, viaud068, AUT
·         Software Verification and Validation, vimmd052, MIT

Elective subjects

Our department offers the following elective doctoral subjects for students of both our own and other departments:

·         Applied Optimization and Game Theory (vitmd097)
·         Network Simulation Techniques (vittd094)
·         Information and Network Security (vitmav52) (Autumn)
·         Game Theory and Telecommunication Applications (vittd096)
·         IT processing of evoked brain signals (vitmav43)
·         Engineering Strategies (vitmd001)
·         Telecommunication Software (vittd074) (Spring)
·         Mass Service 1 (vittd069)