Vill BSc Infokommunikációs hálózatok és alkalmazások ágazat (2016-tól)


Most of our applications are useless without network communication, whether they are popular multimedia services, the Internet of Things, or space technologies.

The field of infocommunication includes networks and the services and applications that can be implemented on them. The specialization deals with a practical approach

  • the design, configuration and operation of network systems and services,
  • wired and wireless technologies,
  • media content distribution and processing technologies,
  • elements of high frequency and satellite systems,
  • with radio measuring systems and applications

(Infocommunication systems specialization from 2016)


There are three departments involved in the teaching of the Infocommunication Systems specialization: HIT, TMIT and HVT. Of this, the sector maintained by TMIT and presented here is called the Infocommunication Networks and Applications sector.

Specialization subjects


Lecture + practice subjects belonging to the specialization (ie not a laboratory, independent laboratory) are common in all three sectors. There are three such subjects, these are:

  • Mobile communication systems, (vihiac04), HIT

The aim of the course is to acquaint students with the operation and possibilities of today's modern mobile and wireless systems, primarily from the point of view of electrical engineering, which is interesting and practical ...


Specialization flyer (PDF)