Vill MSc Specialization in Optical Telecommunications (from 2015)

The implementation of modern communication tasks is now unthinkable without the use of optical transmission. Behind today's high-speed communication systems (broadband Internet, mobile telecommunications, LTE, digital media service, etc.) there is almost always some form of optical network. This is why device- and system-level knowledge of light transmission networks is useful and important for all electrical engineers. The aim of the specialization is to provide an application-level description of the operation and design issues of modern optical communication devices, systems and networks. The three subjects of the specialization revolve around the field of optical networks from three different perspectives. Elements of Optical Networks introduce students to the tools used. The subject of Light Telecommunication Systems and Applications presents the physical layer of systems and networks made up of already known devices. The third subject of the secondary specialization reviews the network architectures that are being built. The exercises of the subjects provide an opportunity to learn the simulation methods of optical telecommunication devices and systems. During the laboratory work, students gain experience in optical measurement technology.

Head of specialization: Dr. Gerhátné dr. Eszter Udvary (HVT)

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