Basic information
Project full name: 
COnvergence of fixed and Mobile BrOadband access/aggregation networks
EU FP, Horizon 2020
2013. 01. 01 to 2016. 09. 30

Tremendous changes in fixed and mobile networks are required to enable the Gigabit society, leading to enormous investments in network infrastructures. In the past, fixed and mobile networks have been optimised and evolved independently. Today, standardization work and bodies dealing with fixed and mobile networks are still separated, and Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) is mainly implemented at service level with introduction of all IP services and IMS, allowing a converged service control layer. In contrast, COMBO will allow the convergence of fixed and mobile networks themselves, combining both an optimal and seamless quality of experience for the end user together with an optimised network infrastructure ensuring increased performance, reduced cost and reduced energy consumption.

To achieve this target, COMBO will propose and investigate new integrated approaches for Fixed / Mobile Converged (FMC) broadband access / aggregation networks for different scenarios (dense urban, urban, rural). COMBO architectures will be based on joint optimization of fixed and mobile access / aggregation networks around the innovative concept of Next Generation Point of Presence (NG-POP). This will lead to a better distribution of all essential functions, equipment and infrastructures of convergent networks.


Our participation is supported by the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund of Hungary with approx. 30.000 EUR.